One Marketplace

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Brian Swichkow

Creation of a marketplace for browsing, a portal for Citizens to submit/manage offers, etc. and integrate the exchanges into One Economy. This will enable all Citizens to create and exchange through with other Citizens and the world writ large.


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Brian Swichkow

Status changed to: Live

Brian Swichkow

You can see the first (public) version of One Marketplace at inc.one/marketplace. To submit your offers, login to inc.one/login and click the yellow button that says 'Submit an Offer to Marketplace'. Once submitted, you can manage your offers (change/add details, etc.) at inc.one/marketplace-manager.

Soon, there will be a button for each offer that enables anyone to purchase the offer through One Economy—using R$ that represent all different types of capital.

Would love reflections, feedback, bug reports, etc. on this!

Brian Swichkow

Status changed to: In progress

Brian Swichkow

Status changed to: Planned